Beauce Gold Property


The Beauce Gold Fields project is a unique, historically prolific gold property located in the municipality of Saint-Simon-les-Mines in the Beauce region of Southern Quebec. Comprising of a block of 152 claims 100% owned by Beauce Gold Fields, the project area hosts a six kilometre long unconsolidated gold-bearing sedimentary unit (a lower saprolite and an upper brown diamictite). The gold in saprolite indicates a close proximity to a bedrock source of gold along with the recent discovery of a fault underneath the historical gold placers, provides possible further exploration discoveries. The property was also hosts numerous historical placer gold mines that were active from 1860s to the 1960s.


Project Highlights
  • Major under-explored placer to hard rock exploration project
  • Permitted for Phase 1 production
  • 6 km long gold in till and saprolite anomaly
  • Significant potential for further exploration discoveries
  • Geology suggest a proximate bedrock source of gold
  • Polygonally calculated Gold Exploration Target, for the entire historical placer channel ranging between 61,000 ounces (2,200,000 m3 @ 0.87g Au/m3) and 366,000 ounces* (2,200,000 m3 @ 5.22 g Au/m3).
  • 176 acres of real estate 100% owned by Uragold
  • 152 mining claims 100% owned
Completed Permiting
  • Certificate of authorization (CA) MDDELCC (ministère du
    Développement durable, de l’Environnement et de la Lutte
    contre les changements climatiques du Quebec)
  • CA Municipality of St-Simon les Mines
  • CA CPTAQ (Commission de protection du territoire agricole)
  • CA Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Office of the Surveyor General of Quebec
Completed Work And Exploration
  • 12 Sonic Drill Holes
  • 4 Diamond Drill Holes
  • Open pit engineering studies (WSP Group)
  • Full environmental audit (WSP Group)
  • Hydrology study and mapping
  • Leapfrog geological 3D modelling
  • 12 Geoelectrical Tomography and IP Surveys
  • Gold grain Scanning electron microscopy
  • Mineral concentrate chemical analysis
  • LIDAR airborne laser mapping (ALSM), laser altimetry,
    contour mapping
  • Wash plant gold and gravel recovery tests
  • Sedimentological studies
  • Full environmental audit
Historical Exploration
  • 2011 – Fancamp Exploration– 5 DDH Holes
  • 2010 – Fancamp Exploration – VTEM airborne EM
  • 1987 – Macamic Resources, 38 RC drill holes
  • 1986 – Coniagas Mines, 40 RC drill holes, extensive
    exploration work
  • 1985 – Geological Survey of Canada, 4 Sonic Drill holes
  • 1958 – Beauce Placer Co, 199 Churn Drill holes
Notable Historical Productions
  • 1959 – 61 New York Alaska Dredging Co, 1961 – 64, Beauce
    Placer Co est production 56,000 oz
  • 1868 -1888 Lockwood Co. shafts & tunnels, avg. 2.5g/m2
  • 1910s Dominion Gold Fields
  • St-Onge Nugget 43 oz, McDonald Nugget 45, Kilgour Nugget 51

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Map Historical Mines


Exploring for the bedrock source of the Beauce’s famous placer gold deposits.

Important Notice

Please note that many if not most of the references on this website to minerals reserves, resources, tonnages or grades referred in our press releases, geological summary reports or on this website are historical in nature. Furthermore some of these data were generated by the various sources prior to the implementation of NI 43-101 regulations. Readers are cautioned not to rely upon these information unless Beauce Gold Fields specifically indicates that they are NI 43-101 compliant.