A community proud of its gold mining heritage

For the last 10 years, Patrick Levasseur has built strong local relationships and has garnered broad community support for the Project.

With its 176 acres of real-estate holdings, the Company is an active corporate neighbor in St-Simon-Les-Mines. With each opportunity, BGF hires talented field hands from the community and will always prioritize purchases for goods and services from local businesses.

A St-Simon-les-Mine Town Hall presentation.

Sustainability, Environment & Community

Beauce Gold Field is committed to responsible exploration. We are focused on creating value for our shareholders while operating within the highest environmental standards.

Acting as an upstanding corporate neighbor for local communities makes project development and management more seamless in the long run while decreasing the risk of unexpected costs.

There is established collaboration and integration of strengths between our corporation and the local community of Beauce. We ensure that our work and practices have reduced environmental impact.

Beauce Gold Fields is committed to responsible resource development.

We are focused on exploring sustainably, ensuring the health and safety of our people, and building strong relationships with communities. We have internal policies and external commitments that guide and allow us to evolve with emerging sustainability trends and best practices.

Being a good corporate neighbor benefits all parties involved in a project.

That’s why Beauce Gold Fields takes the time to meet with the local stakeholders and discuss project objectives.

Corporate Information

Under the leadership of our President and CEO, Patrick Levasseur, Beauce Gold Fields is effectively guided into the future.

About Our Company

Beauce Gold Fields is a gold exploration company focused on placer to hard rock exploration in the Beauce region of Southern Quebec.

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Leadership & Management

Our leadership team is responsible for implementing our strategy, overseeing exploration and setting operating and performance targets.

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