Ideal Geology for Gold Discoveries

The Beauce & Ditton gold sectors straddle the Dunnage and the Gande Zones, two of the major tectonostratigraphic subdivisions of the Appalachians.

Gold mineralization mainly follows fault contacts between volcanic and sedimentary rock formations, for example, the Beauceville and St-Victor Formation on our Beauce Gold project or the Bella Fault contact between the Compton and Frontenac Formations found on the Ditton project.

Largest Placer Gold Districts in Eastern North America.

Placer to Lode Gold Exploration

The Company’s objective is to explore placer gold deposits and to trace back the eroded bedrock source to uncover economic lode gold deposits.


Beauce Property

Since inception, we have acquired 6 real estate lots totalling 176 acres, and we have made 152+ claims covering the Beauce placer gold field.

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Ditton Property

The property is divided into four areas historic placer gold districts: the Ditton, the Mining Brook, the Chesham and Bergeron rivers.

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