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Watch the full presentation of Beauce Gold Fields by CEO Patrick Levasseur during the company’s 2023 AGM in Montreal, QC.

Beauce Gold Fields trades on the Canadian Venture Exchange (TSXV) under the stock symbol BGF.


    • As indicated in last week’s press release, results are starting to come in. Why does it take so long? It’s the sheer volume in the number of samples the drilling & the bulks generated along with how they are processed. Second is that long delays have been the industry norm for the last two years. Orders at fire assay labs are months behind.

      We used two specialty labs with gravity separation circuits to make heavy mineral concentrates..Each lab can process 5 to 10 samples per day. After each sample run, the circuit must be cleaned to avoid gold contamination. Once the samples are reduced to about 50 grams, they are examined under a microscope to remove visible gold grains. The gold is weighed, and the balance of the concentrate is sent to a third lab for fire assay analysis to test for non-visible gold and for other elements (like they do for drill cores).

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