BGF featured Trenchless Technology Magazine

November 30, 2023

Our use of innovative horizontal directional drilling for mineral exploration was recently featured in Trenchless Technology Magazine.

This is related to our announcement last August about the successful test HDD drilling of the auriferous till units of the paleoplacer channel on the Beauce Gold property in St-Simon-les-Mines, Quebec.

It’s a must-read!

Read the full story here.

For more than 30 years, Trenchless Technology has been the most informative guide to the underground construction industry’s people, projects, innovations and advancements.

BGF first-mover advantage in Southern Quebec

November 21, 2022

CEO Patrick Levasseur shares a bit of history on Canada’s first gold rush and why mining activity is so different in the St Simon les Mines area from the rest of Quebec with the team at Invercio. Read more